Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are a must for securing your property. It gives your home a finishing touch with adding value to your home and giving the entrance a stunning appearance. Since this is the first thing anybody will notice about your home, it deserves the style, attention, beauty and solid planning. While enhancing the elegance and beauty of your home, they also ensure the safety of your children. Driveway gates are also a great way to keep the unwanted visitors out of the house and to protect your garden and yards from wild animals.

Two Categories

1) Sliding

Single slide- These types of driveway gates are only single sliding and need the exact space for sliding on one single side.

Bi-parting slide- With two parts, the halves can be slid back in both directions, thus they minimize the space needed on one single side.

2) Swinging

Single swing- Single swing is great if a large sweep area is available for the clearance.

Bi-parting swing- With two equal parts, the sweep area needed is halved.

However, the swinging gates are widely used nowadays. Still, sliding gates are also an alternative for homes with limited space or lack of space for installing swinging gates. Confusion can set in when making a choice between the swinging and sliding gates. Before you decide on the type of gate and invest, it is important to keep the available space in your mind. The swing of the gates and its sliding parts is another factor to consider when installing the gates.


The architecture of the gate should complement the architecture of the house. This plays an important role in giving the entire house a formal or informal look. For example, a gate with top curves and lot of ornamental metal work is seen as formal while the gate with a simple design and flat top is seen as informal.

Choice of Material

Choosing material for gate can be daunting. The wooden gates are great for privacy with rustic looks but weather with time. On the other hand, the metal gates are visible with a classic look and lasts for years. In both cases, they can be installed to operate manually or automatically.

Choice of Entry

The ready to install driveway gates are available in the market or they can be customized according to orders. There are a number of entry options to choose from:

a. Remote operated: The automatic driveway gate takes the command from a remote to allow the entry.

b. Keypad operated: A code is punched on the keypad to allow the entry.

c. Telephone operated: A call from inside the house makes the gate function.

d. Sensor operated: Sensors can also be used to allow exiting but as there are security threats associated with unchecked entries, they are avoided for entry systems.


Finally, it is important to look for the services you need. Thorough research of the service provider is necessary to ensure you get what you want. Make sure they provide you the best.