San Diego Residential Gates

For homeowners who want new residential gates installed in their homes or the repairing of an old one, they need a company that has the experience and the expertise. We at Bejar Gate Company have the experience you need to install wrought iron driveway gates. We understand that the safety and security of your property come first, and that is why we always employ the use of high-quality materials in the construction of residential gates.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from the many years of experience, we have various reasons that make us your preferred company for your residential gate solution. We have professionals in the field of gate construction who are well-trained to provide the best solutions. Our prices are not only affordable but are also competitive in the market. We also offer free tips on residential gate maintenance to ensure that you keep your gate (wood, swing, or automatic) so that it can service you for many years without asking for a repair.

Residential Gates Repair

Depending on how often you use your entry gate, it is likely to wear out and tear due to regular movements. We always have a couple of years warranty on every gate we sell to our clients. We employ the use of high-quality materials from reliable manufacturers when constructing residential gates for a gated community. In case you detect an issue with your gate, we always advise our clients to get in touch with our contractors so as to have the gate repaired before the problem escalates. Repairing a residential gate is cheaper than installing a new gate. We take these projects seriously.

Customized Residential Gates

We value the beauty that comes with a custom item. We at Bejar Gate Company have employed a team of designers who specialize in the designing, fabricating and automating of custom residential gates. The team works with the homeowner from the designing stage to the installation of the customized entry gate and ensures they leave the customer satisfied.

Residential Gates Security Systems

We at Bejar Gate Company value the security and safety of our clients, their loved ones as well as their property. We have employed the use of technology to ensure that you are always safe. We have experienced installers who will help in installing gate operators as well as access control equipment. We help homeowners by training them how to use the equipment. We also service the equipment once we install it and help with repairs when needed.

Customer care services

Every customer who comes to us meets an excellent team of residential care staff who ensure the clients get all the information they need before deciding the service they want from us. We at Bejar Gate Company value our customers, and we always strive to deliver what we promise. Every customer must have a driveway gate they are satisfied with!

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