Electric Gate Repair

Electric Gate Installers and Repairs

Family security is usually a top worry when aiming to protect your people. The majority of inhabitants likes to keep their family issues private and not include intruders in their daily activities, therefore houses that have electric gate sand fences require more security and privacy.

Recently, a research conducted by All County Fence and Gates Company shows that cases regarding home break crisises are reported daily. Thus, landowners should take precautions to safeguard their residences and their assets, too.

Best types of electric gates

Generally, sliding electric gates are optional, if and only if there is enough space. The following conditions support its uniqueness.

i. Tear and wear – the majority of electric sliding gates has superior weight distribution, therefore making them more reliable than other modes of gates.

ii. Safety- As much as safety is concerned, sliding gates are easier to secure your loved family and assets, too. For instance, a swing gate has a dead zone and it is hard to control using a safety device.

If space is not sufficient; there are other standard types of gates that can be installed. You can either use an overhead gate or sometimes a retractable sliding gate. A retractable gate is like the other slide gate; the main difference being that it has two sides, and requires one side of the opening side to open.

Bejar Gate Company encourages the use of steel-framed sliding gates because it is highly stable and strong enough. We also recommend the use of redwood as it is able to withstand various environmental elements. The majority of gate installers and repairs of all gates uses wood gates or wrought flatten gates.

Although it is expensive to purchase stainless steel, it is preferable to use this material in gate frames because it resists rust and corrosion.

Troubleshooting Your Electric Gate

If your electric gate fails to operate, there are a range of reasons why that is happening, but only two main reasons cause this.

Firstly, this may be an issue with power. Always make sure that the electrical breaker is switched on. If you do not know where it is located, take time and look for signs from your operator.

Secondly, if there is power, but the gate is not operating correctly, make sure that no physical barrier is overcrowding your gate’s movements. If this is the reason, remove the object, and then reset your motor. If the two issues are not the cause, then you can call in a professional gate repair expert from Bejar Gate Company to fix that problem.


Bejar Gate Company provides the following services after gate installation:

  • Adjusts spring and chain tension
  • Lubricates hinges, rollers, and chains
  • Monitoring of your gate’s movement
  • Ensures all safety devices are working accordingly
  • Ensures no objects are affecting your gate’s movement.

Safety Devices For Electric Gates

Most electric gates installed by Bejar Gate Company are equipped with a reverse sensor that repels the gate in case it hits an object. Moreover, if your gate is installed in a commercial place, you have to install two safety devices. Examples of safety devices include a photo-eye, loop sensor, and a miller-edge device.