Escondido Bike Trails

California is a beautiful state. If you ever go visit, and go to the city of Escondido, then you must try their bike trails. Whether you are a nature lover, or an avid bike rider, Escondido has many bike trails for you. These bike trails listed will give you a view of some of the prettiest outdoor scenery you will ever see. Also, you can choose your type of adventure, whether it be a nice leisurely ride, or a strength testing bike ride, you will not be disappointed with these trails.

First place you will want to visit, is the Daley Ranch. The Daley Ranch offers intermediate trails that feature your choice of fire, double, and single track routes. Even though you have to climb a little to get to these trails, you will not be disappointed once you make it to the top. Various sections of the Daley Ranch offer different tracks, but if you are visiting Escondido then the Daley Ranch is just a drive away.

The Daley Ranch offers over 25 miles of trails set on 3,150 acres of historical ranch lands. You can also enjoy the sight of some undisturbed native habitats. The best things about the Daley Ranch, is that they are open for mountain biking every day from dawn to dusk. Just make sure to stay safe if you ride the bike trails because the Daley Ranch also has hikers on the trails as well.

Now, if you really love a tough test, and are in the mood for a grueling bike ride, then you need to try the Elfin Forest Reserve. The trails on this reserve are advanced trails that are going to make you work. There are various trails on this reserve that will either make you work, or provide you with a nice relaxing nature filled ride. If you want to see a beautiful photo of the reserve, follow this link.

Once in the trail system, you may want to check out the Equine Incline trail which is a very nice single trail. Or maybe you will want to follow other trails for some nice area views. If you are an advanced biker and love a nice tough test, then the Elfin Forest Reserve would be a good choice.

The Elfin Forest Reserve is open from 8:00 am to 30 minutes before sunset each day. These two trail systems have a total area of 774 acres of land. So if you feel like seeing nature, and would love to spend the whole day out on the trail, then this reserve is for you. Also, if you would like to see just how beautiful it can be on these trails, follow this link to see for yourself:

The city of Escondido is a very geographically diverse city, and one in which you should visit and spend some time. If you do decide to visit Escondido, make sure you get your full money’s worth by visiting the biking trails covered in this article.You will be glad you did.