Escondido Weddings

Escondido is a city located in San Diego County. It’s 38 miles Northeast of Downtown San Diego, State of California. Escondido city is one of the oldest cities in San Diego County. Escondido is a Spanish word meaning, “hidden.” History says that the name derived from Agua Escondida means “hidden water” or “hidden treasure.” Escondido has several venues for holding weddings and other special events.

Daley Ranch

Daley ranch lies on a 3,058-acre piece of land in a conservation area, and diverse habitat preservation are some of its unique features. Clients visiting the ranch engage in hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails which in full cover a distance of 20 miles. Boulder Loop Trail and Ranch House Loop are among six distant trails also covering most of the ranch. The venue also offers a home to several species of trees and brush land. Lovers of wildlife can also view various animals including rabbits, bobcats, deer and hawks. The ranch accommodates a maximum of 150 guests, and all events are supposed to end by 10 p.m. Residents of Escondido are given rental discounts.

City Hall Dome

City Hall is located in Downtown Escondido. The Hall welcomes individuals, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and large corporations holding small or large events. It offers an extensive onsite free parking. The venue offers, at affordable rates, one large outdoor patio, and two spacious outdoor areas available for renting. The City Hall dome provides elegance for any event; the dome has indoor restrooms, and a utility kitchen offered at an additional fee. There is also a meeting room adjacent to the dome. Guests in this facility also enjoy free wireless internet access.

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle

The magical circle is located in the Iris Sankey Arboretum. The circle is a sculpture garden consisting of nine large sculptures, a circular snake wall, and a maze. At the center of the garden stands the statue of Queen Califia surrounded by other eight sculptures covered with various symbols and artistic imagery. The benches are all sculpturally integrated. The Garden is decorated using unique mosaic ornamentation. Native shrubs and trees planted within and along the outer wall are wonderful atmospheres. Other features include the circular wall, huge playing serpents that slither on top of the wall and the maze. This garden offers a unique selection of artist’s creativity and imagination and the adventure of finding your way out of a maze.

California Center For The Arts

California center for arts is among the best venues to hold a romantic and personalized wedding with a sitting capacity of about 600 guests. It located on more than 12 acres of breathtaking landscape. The center offers experienced wedding planning professionals, onsite catering services. The center also has two courtyards, one of the located within the Art Museum. Weddings with a large number of guests can occupy the concert hall that has a sitting capacity of 1500 guests while those with fewer guests can hire the 400-seat theater.

Other Venues

The city also has other parks and venues that can offer different varieties, adventure, and recreational options.