Gate Repair

Many people take for granted the luxuries of having an electronic gate. They do not have to struggle with the gate as all they need to do is punch a button and the same is opened. This is effortless and exciting until the day it stops working. That is when they think of engaging the services of gate repair experts.

Preliminary checks

However, before taking this step, there are some basic preliminary checks one would need to undertake. These repair maintenance program procedures will determine if the problem can be fixed without the expertise of these professionals. Some problems are quite minor and can be fixed.

The Controller

The first thing to check would be the controller. If the control is faulty, then the problem can be fixed. The most likely scenario is that the controller would most probably require new batteries, has a blown circuit or has some loose wires. This is something that can be fixed easily without even considering the option of engaging the services of these professionals.


One other reason why the automatic gate may not open is that there could be an obstruction of some sort. The whole length of the track needs to move freely and be clear of any obstruction. It is very common for something to fall and get into the path of the track. The solution here lies in removing it and the gate will start working normally. When there is a dent in the track of the gate, then it may not open well and easily. The same applies when the wheels do not move freely, these can be fixed with a simple crowbar.

When To Call The Experts

If none of these are the issues with your gate and it still will not open as required, then it would be essential to call in a repair expert. Some problems may be quite complex for one to handle by themselves. Problems such as broken springs would rather be left to the experts. Most of us do not have the necessary experience required and expertise to handle such tasks.

It can also prove to be a dangerous task trying to fix something that you are not comfortable with. Know the limitations of your abilities and let these experts do the rest. This will also ensure that you do not cause more damage to the gate.

The gate happens to be the first thing that visitors and other passers-by see about our premises. It also helps in keeping out intruders and containing pets and children. A faulty automatic gate is not an impressive sight for most of us.

The next time your gate does not open well, follow these preventative maintenance program procedures. However, do not forget to leave the complex ones to the experts.

Knowing what to check will ensure that you only call in these experts when necessary. It would be unfortunate to call in a repair expert only to realize that the issue could have been corrected with a crowbar.