Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

Hailed for having one of the best 20 golf courses in the world, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is a private golf club in Via de la cumbre, Rancho Santa Fe. It is a club that is only accessible to homeowners who belong to the Rancho Santa Fe Association.

The golf club was carved out of a Eucalyptus forest. Because of its forestry origin, it has a cool climate and a lush green surrounding. The club offers an ambience of tranquility and is therefore a favorite recreation point for most of the rich home owners of Rancho Santa Fe.

The club’s golf course comprises of eighteen holes and stretches of an area of 7032 yard, par 72. It has over the years been used to host various golf championships. The golf course was designed by Max Behr in 1929. Max Behr was a Scotsman who is famous for having designed most of the top golf courses in the world.

Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is endearingly beautiful, it has a neat and well-manicured lawn above which eucalyptus trees stretch towards the blue sky. It also has splendid-looking white buildings with pink tile roofing. The buildings shine so magically when lit. The golf course also has a fascinating landscape, it has gentle slopes and little valleys here and there.

The golf club caters for every golfer, no matter their level of skill. Gaming instructions are given at every level. New members are therefore not likely to feel left out.

Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club also offers a wonderful dining experience. It serves various dishes which are made from some of the finest locally available ingredients. The dining area is also casual so one can relax and eat without worrying about many formalities. It is a perfect place to sit and relax with your friends.

Recreation at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is not only limited to playing golf and chilling at the dining area, one can also relax and enjoy seeing the surrounding from one of the many patios at the club. Outdoor fires are also lit at night and you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit around these fires as you enjoy the glow of their embers and the warmth they give.

Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is a favorite after-work relaxation spot for the busy Rancho Santa Fe community. The area houses working class people among them executives and businessmen who can only find time to relax in the evening or during weekends. The place is even fuller during weekends as this is the time when most people are able to find time off their busy weekday schedules.

There are designated tee times so members have to keep this in mind if they don’t want to miss out on them. Members can drive their vehicles far into the club, the club has a double-ended driveway.

Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club sometimes offers other activities apart from golf. From time to time, it may organize theme dinners, wine tastings, and cooking classes among others.