The Laguna Beach in California City

California is a city known for its beautiful beaches. Its capital is Sacramento with Los Angeles being its largest city. There are many beaches found on the Oceanside which you can visit while at California, Laguna Beach being one of the top options.

Laguna Beach is an Oceanside destination found on the Southern California between the great blue Pacific and Canyons. This beach has all sorts of things to do for different people such as nature lovers, beach goers and art enthusiasts. The sand is soft, there are amazing hidden coves and there is always the sound of surfers.

The coves enable the beach to provide activities such as surfing, diving, skim boarding among others. You can make a Kayak tour to see seal rocks, go to Coast Wilderness Park where you can feel as one with nature or even take a bike tour and visit the gorgeous neighborhoods.

You will also find day spas where you can relax and let go of all the pressure, exceptional shops, art galleries with works that are jaw dropping, quality restaurants and above all you can get clear and spectacular views. The weather in Laguna Beach is perfect year round.

There is first Thursdays Art Walk that is an organization of members only and the art season at this beach runs through the year. The monthly event brings the diverse cultural art and is free for the public attendance and viewing.

The Oceanside of Laguna Beach offers whale and dolphin watching and underwater viewing. Migration of the Gray Whales passes by this area so you are able to experience this migration. A thing like the jumping of the Humpback Whale out of water is a breathtaking experience. You will have a close encounter with the dolphins as they surround the boat and swim right under your feet.

There are exquisite hotels on the beach for everyone whether you are on vacation or a short getaway which are affordable. The hotels have amazing views of the Oceanside. They are conveniently located for you to access the different places like dining places, attraction sites, recreational activity areas among others. For couples the hotels have romantic bed and breakfasts, there are quaint cottages and gorgeous beachfront hotels.

Laguna Beach is a world-class culinary destination. Most of the restaurants found at the beach are owned independently building its foundation for the gourmet renown. You get to see this in all restaurants regardless of their sizes. Restaurateurs create without limits hence giving you the best and satisfactory services. With the numerous numbers of restaurants, you are assured of getting the cuisine of your choice for any budget and mood.

Whenever you think of a beach wedding, think of holding it at Laguna Beach. The Oceanside offers oceanfront hotels as well as resorts. The golf course that is found in the canyon is a beautiful place for celebrating your event. If you are a friend of the newlyweds and looking for a unique gift, you can get one in the specialty stores and boutiques found on the beach.

The Laguna Beach is therefore a perfect destination for vacations, couples trips, getaways and family trips.