Vista – A Fun Place for Tourists

When it comes to holidaying in America with lots of fun and entertainment the city of Vista is no exception with many popular and amazing places to visit within the city.

With just seven miles away from the pacific ocean in north of San Diego, the city boasts mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate which is one of the reasons why it attracts many tourists from across the world. Like most american cities Vista offers various unique landmarks and tourists spots for the visitors to enjoy at, and the city can certainly make your stay one of the most memorable ones.

Vista makes one feel closer to the nature and that is something you can totally experience when you visit the ‘Alta Vista Gardens’, a botanical garden located at the center of the city. The garden has wide variety of flowers, plants and trees and one can enjoy a relaxing stroll on a sunny day under the cool shades of mesmerizing trees and breeze from colorful plants.

Being in this place your kids can easily learn more about the environment and hence can be really interesting both for adults and kids. You can also find many beautiful sculptures, ponds and even hiking trails that you can follow to discover more of nature.

Another attraction in the city you do not want to miss is the wave water park which hosts water slides you can satisfy your thrill quotient on, a lazy river you can just relaxing floating across and a large pool to have fun with your family or friends. This water park is unique in its own way with snack bar, clean bathrooms, games, baby area and well equipped with life guards for your safety at all times during your stay inside the park.

There is one very important place in Vista that takes you back to olden days without the computer and cell phones and if you are a fan of travelling in trains, you will love this place. The antique gas and steam engine museum attracts train lovers from across the world with variety of steam and gas engines that were used in the early days of american farm and rural community. The museum also exhibits antique trucks and tractors that gives you a glimpse of invention back in the time. The museum also hosts parade of old engines and a music festival every year which is worth seeing and can be enjoyed by kids too.

Moonlight amphitheater is another favorite destination for people in Vista and needless to say it attracts many foreign visitors too. This open air theater has over 900 seats and offers seating on lawn for over 1000 people with total capacity reaching 2000 and with amenities such as rest rooms, tented patio and picnic areas.

The venue offers a perfect platform for live theater with actors and musicians taking control of the stage all round the year providing brilliant performances. The theater has very good sound systems and lighting that sets up a wonderful mood in the evenings and is completely surrounded by richness of nature that can be calm and soothing for a perfect day to relax.