Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron is an alloy of iron with a low percentage of carbon. It has a fibrous inclusion in it called slag which gives it a woody, grain like look, especially at the point of bending. Wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile, and corrosion-resistant and can be easily welded. Before steel came into existence wrought iron was the most common form of malleable iron.

Many items, before mild steel was introduced, were produced from wrought iron, including rivets, nails, wires ,chains, railings, couplings for railways, water and steam pipes, nuts, bolts, horseshoes, handrails, wagon tires, straps for roof trusses and iron work of ornamental value.

Be it for a residential or for commercial purposes, wrought iron gates have many advantages and benefits for the property owner. While there are many materials out there that home and business owners can choose from, we believe that wrought iron railings and gates are the best. They serve both functions – helping to ensure the safety of those on your property, as well as add to the beauty of your building.

Despite being high in cost and maintenance, wrought iron is number one choice for many home-owners. Wrought iron gates offer great ornamental traits. They are worked to give them an aesthetic appeal to make them look wonderful and elegant. This matchless beauty of art can only be met with wrought iron, because it can be worked into different shapes and designs, that is why it is called wrought iron. The elasticity and malleability of wrought iron allows the artists and designers to shape it into interesting patterns.

It all starts with the appearance. An iron fence or gate provides an elegant and traditional look to a home. With wrought iron even a simple design comes to life and it itself becomes the symbol of elegance, beauty, splendor and simplicity all altogether. As there are virtually unlimited number of designs that you can achieve with a wrought iron, the wrought iron railings and gates are suitable for all types of buildings.

If you have a historical building or an ancestral home and wish to maintain, its authenticity and traditional look, you can choose a design that goes with the age of the building. If you are searching for something more modern– or even something unique and artistic – that can be accomplished too.

The simple pickets and rails with a basic speared top add to the simplicity and elegance, whereas, patterned rails and intricate sharp pointed tops have decorative and ornamental appeal.

It not only appears decorative and elegant, but provides security too. Being hard or perhaps sturdiest, it is difficult to tear it down or break through, and at the same time, sharp top are not that easy to scale. The wrought iron gates are made to protect and extend life of a gate that already is longer than any other type of gate while adding durability to what is already most durable of any gate.

The combination of classical appearance, security and durability makes wrought iron a strong choice for most of the home-owners.